Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tales from the Outhouse and Other Strange Sightings

On Saturday we invited the MET students  to the house for some gringo debriefing time.  We enjoyed some fellowship, burgers, chips, guacamole and pasta salad and washed it down with limeade and chocolate chip cookies.  The fun part is the students had to go to market and find all of the ingredients for our meal, including the charcoal and meat--they were a success! We were joined by Dr. Joe and Teresa Bryan who were in the area driving home to Guatemala City from Xela.  They graced us with not only their presence but also chocolate cake and alligator shaped bread and homemade snack bars--yummy!  Unfortuneately I didn't get a picture with Joe and Teresa both.  Maybe next time.

Joe inspired all hat owners to take a pic together--Weston didn't want to be left out.

Our MET students alive and well except for the bug bites! Thanks Dr. Joe (who works with the CDC here in Guate) for telling them about the possible diseases transmitted by fleas!
The students seem to be hanging in there well.  There are the little frustrations of living with a host family and trying to communicate without being too entertaining to the locals.
Here are some of the stories from their time so far.

Brittney:  " I think I'm the only one in the family who has to go the bathroom!  I never see my family going to the bathroom or using the sink, although sometimes I see evidence that someone else has been there too!"

Weston: " There's nothing like lifting the lid of the letrine (a two-seater at that!) in the cool  mornings and seeing steam come out!"

Weston:  "My family seems to really enjoy the hot water heater on the shower.  Every morning I see someone dashing out of the shower stall wrapped in nothing but  a towel heading to their room.  Yesterday I saw one sister run out and then the other right after.  They think I can't see them but I can see their head and shoulders run by my room!"

Amanda:  "The little brother in my family can break dance!"  Where would you pick that up living out in the sticks?

Least favorite hot drink:  arroz con leche or arroz con chocolate (rice milk or chocolate rice milk)-- so slimy!

Most interesting meal:  Chowmein or ramen noodles with mayonaise and ketchup!

Bug bite of the week:  We are debating whether they are bed bugs and fleas.  But working on getting some permethrin spray...For now it's Raid and bug repellant getting passed around.

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Sheri said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! What experiences to remember!