Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time flies

It's hard to believe how fast time is passing by with the students here. They are adjusting just fine even thought they feel like they are struggling with the languages still. Today they seemed more at ease than they have all week. Here are some quotes and pics from the week.

Me: "So just meet us at the church building for clinic tomorrow" (we were scheduled for clinic in Paxot II where some of the students are staying).
Jonathan: "Where is the church?"
Me: Right across the street from your house!"
Jonathan: "Hmmm... so I guess I've been peeing in front of the church every night when I get up and don't want to go down to the outhouse?"

Team Paxot---Amanda, Maggie and Jonathan

Jonathan assisting Dra. Sandra in dental--she is determined to convince him to change to pre-dental!

Maggie using her effective teaching tecniques...

He definitely kept his mouth closed tight!

Weston showing off his physical exam skills on Brittney with Carly cheering them on!

This young patient came in after school with strep throat.  The other little kids are there for moral support only.

Catching up at the cafe in Chichi

Feels good to enjoy a little something different!

Carly found pre-packaged toast at the store and decided to have 5 slices with jelly--ahhh, comfort food.

One of our patient's mom brought us a bowl full of fresh picked mushrooms.  I have wanted to buy some but I am scared.  I had five different people (from four different towns) look at them all and assure me that they are the edible type.  I asked about the red one and they all said no worries as it doesn't have white polka dots on it.  It's just a deeper colored  version of the same kind.  The big ones are called Q'atz'u  or San Juanero.  The little brown ones I can't remember.  Should be tasty! Cesi says her grandma recommends not eating the stems to avoid premature aging--nobody wants that!


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