Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"I do" -- Quiche style

We were honored to be invited to the wedding of Manuel Sut's son Tomas to Cristina on Monday.  It was a good day for soaking up some local culture!  It started with sitting around the table and enjoying some bread and coffee, sitting some more before being served breakfast, visiting and walking around then bread and hot chocolate and after more sitting and visiting, lunch!  Basically we hung out at Manuel's house with some other relatives waiting for the wedding nuptuals to finish up at the bride's house.  The ceremony consists of the gathering of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and church leaders to give wise counsel to the couple.  After several hours of that, they all came over to Manuel's house where the new couple will live, towing all the new presents they got and  to receive presents from the other guests. There was a lot of visiting, sitting, cooking and waiting going on, but overall a beautiful day for a wedding!

Guests of honor Brittany, Jonathan, Amanda, Maggie, Weston, Carly and Kemmel

Equal opportunity KP duty! 

The meat was served with a plastic fork...Roger decided cheating was in order!

Fresh pine needles being sprinkled around

Tomas and Cristina escorted to their home after the ceremony,

Family hauling all the goodies they got--there was a long line of guys carrying loads like this.

Check out the loot on the back table!

Kemmel, Lisa, Maggie and Roger.

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