Friday, July 12, 2013


We are still alive after a busy couple of months enjoying the visits of our MET students, Chad Stacey who graciously came down to help me and Dra. Sara work on our ultrasound training, and a great team from Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee, Colorado.  With all of our visitors we were able to get to our regular clinics and help establish 3 new clinics for future work, as well as attend to some of our remote ABC communities for much needed dental work.  We were all tired but content about some of the great contacts and relationships built. 
Here are some leftover pictures from our MET students.  They were great sports, helping in clinic and eager to learn, despite the constant attack of fleas and some bed bugs on the home fronts!
Stephanie helping Cesy get the meds ready to dispense in pharmacy.

Brette practicing her cataract-detection skills on Stephanie

Landon explaining to Ryan how to take his amoeba meds--in K'iche'

Karli and Ryan getting height and weight data on our new ABC kids.

Brianne and Jonathan kicking back after a long month!  I think this is the only pic I have of Brianne--I never had my camera ready when we worked together. :(
Almost all of us--minus Sheri and Sandra.  Chad was with us that week.

Proof of life--we look a little tired, but our Mamas like to see our faces from time to time!

End of the road--this is the morning we said bon voyage to our top-notch students.  The kingdom and the world will be greatly blessed by them!

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