Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hennessey Church of Christ on Mission

What makes a visiting team extra special?  When they are family and friends!  In July we had a visit from the Hennessey Church of Christ where my (Lisa's) sister and brother-in-law Drs. Anna and Charlie Ferrell worship.  We really enjoyed spending the week with this team, especially getting to share the ministry work here as they also help to sponsor Sheri.  We accomplished all of our scheduled ABC well-child checks for Mactzul V and Mactzul VI.  We also took advantage of Dr. Ed Ferrell (veterinarian) and his wife Sandy being here to go out and visit local families with livestock to talk about nutrition and health issues.  It was a great week of hard work and fellowship.  Thank you Hennessey Church of Christ for your friendship and support of Health Talents!
The team!  Kind of chilly this day.
Anna and I at the hotel.
Tucker the Water Man!
We worshiped in Chijtinimit on Sunday. 

Sheri, Becky, Megan and Paul getting ready for ABC kids to get checkups.

Alan keeping things sterilized in dental.

Lunch break in Mactzul V

Dr. Charlie' s exam room
Megan and Becky getting vital signs

Dr. Ed and Kemmel and Enrique holding consults in the field.
Vanessa drawing up disclosing liquid to evaluate the kids' oral hygiene.
Dr. Anna's exam room

Happy Anniversary Anna and Charlie!

Enjoying the ruins in Hotel Santo Domingo in Antigua

Dr. Ed and Sandy
Paul and Tucker in the children's activity area

Alan and Becky



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