Saturday, August 24, 2013


I always wonder if God has favorite people.  Although the Bible says the God is no respecter of persons, I can't help think that he must like some more than others.  One of our favorite people and surely a gem in God's eyes is an elder in the church in Paxot II named Tomas.  He is one of the first Christians in this area and began early on to share the gospel with so many people--family, neighbors, neighboring communities and faraway areas.  He is a loving and personable man who has always been so kind to us.  Today after clinic I (Lisa) went with one of the other elders to visit this brother who has been pretty much bedridden for almost a year.  We visited with him and listened to his frustrations with illness and pain and wondering why God has let him linger on in this state not "useful" in the kingdom work.  I certainly didn't have any good answers for him but we left him with some medications for various aches and pains and prayed together for God to remember him and bring him relief.  He was sweet to ask about Kemmel and how we have been doing and every so often we would see a spark of his old self before discomfort and sadness crept back into his voice.  So, please remember Tomas in your prayers and thank God for the years of work that he has given to Christ.

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Sheri said...

Lisa, you are so correct. Tomas is a very special man! I will remember him in my prayers.