Monday, August 12, 2013

Eastside Church of Christ on Mission

We enjoyed another extra special team in July/August made up of our friends from our supporting congregation of Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs.  This congregation has been such a blessing to us as they brought us into the missions committee when we first placed membership there and helped us develop our plan to enter the mission field.  They have been faithful in prayer and communication and financial support from the beginning and it is always a pleasure to spend time with them here on the field. 
This year we had three focuses with their visit: VBS in the local schools, placement of water filters in ABC family homes and mobile clinic.  The VBS theme was "Listen to Jesus" with scenes from Jesus' baptism, transfiguration and crucifixion.  It was a resounding success thanks to the team's hard work and cooperation from bible school teachers from the local churches lending a hand.  Our water filter team helped install Sawyer filters  in the homes of 32 ABC families and even gifted a filter system for Clinica Caris.  They taught them how to care for them and everyone was excited to find out that they will last essentially forever without need to change!  Clinics went well and we had the help of Ted and Jackie and Caitlyn and Craig to work in prayer and vital signs.
What a blessing to be a part of this family.  Thank you Eastside for your support of us individually and the Health Talents Ministries!

Beginning the week with worship in Chijtinimit

Stage crew Debbie and Janelle prepping for Jesus' baptism
Previous years assistance with the ABC Celebration in form of VBS with crafts has inspired other churches to do the same.  Xepocol had a VBS in their local community at beginning of 2013 with around 300 kids in attendance.  More importantly it is helping local church youth leaders and parents see the importance of interactive children learning.

We are soooo happy to have these 4 new shelf units! Thanks Wally, Allen and Scott!
Also grateful for a new paint job which saves us a bunch of time as we are the maintenance team.

Benita and Manuel showing the kids where Colorado Springs and Chichicastenango are on the globe

Jesus died for ME

Noe explaining the gospel origami craft 

Boat ride to the lake house!

Anyone motion sick yet?

Thomas family with Eastside's ABC child Ana Gabriela and her family

Von Thun family with Tomas Eliseo and his family

Hard working Health Talents staff and volunteers for the VBS

Fish Noe telling the baptism story

Benita and Venecia demonstrating the concept of the Trinity with an egg

Lined up and ready for action

We ran into the apostle Peter played by Matt

Rare photo of Kemmel and Lisa

No fear! Scott, Sara, Caitlyn and Janelle riding without seatbelts...

 Family happy to have updated water filter.
 ABC Coordinator Manuel's family with new filter

Scott in action prepping the filter.  Kemmel reviewing with the family and
local volunteer coordinators of the ABC Program
Scott and Wally putting Sawyer water filter together at clinic. 

 Using plastic box to safeguard filter since must place in the ground. 
No missing parts!

 Scott and Wally with the finished product

Group minus Allen showing work, all before lunch time!
 Finished off the filter with a concrete box for protection

Lid weighs about 50 pounds or more with reinforced rebar so
 should have no future problems of people stepping on it.
All ready for clean drinking water at the clinic.  Sent a sample off to a lab
 last Friday to check out the results.....more to come in a week or so.

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Sheri said...

Great blog! Eastside, thank you for your love and support to Lisa and Kemmel.....and thank you for your help to the ministry. We look forward to your next visit.