Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome MET Students

This weekend we spent time with our new Medical Evangelism Training interns studying missiology and culture an getting to know each other.  We have a great team this year (as always!) and they have great attitudes.  Our weekend training with the students is primarily for them, but we always feel like we get our sights re-adjusted and our spirits encouraged when we listen to Roger McCown teach.
At the end of the orientation weekend, we split up our team of interns and brought half with us to the Highlands while the other half start off in the the coast at Montellano.
Here are some pics from our time together and getting settled in their host familes.
Thankfully this hammock bridge was in better shape than the one Indiana Jones had to cross!

"Tae in da wai-nd"  Our students at the rubber tree plantation.

Kyle, Gabby, Anna, Kelsy, Aubry, and Easton overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan.
Kelsy's all set up in her new pad. She even got a brand new mattress set!

The first of FOUR coffee and bread receptions with the host familes...we shouldn't have stopped for that pizza for lunch!

Easton with his host parents.
Aubry with her host parents.
Gabby with her kashel--When you share the same name as someone they are your kashel.

Anna getting tucked in.

Kyle towering over his doorway.

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