Saturday, May 5, 2012

Treated to Lunch

Living in a developing country you would think that free lunches would be few and far between.  But this is a very hospitable culture and we are frequently treated to meals--probably more often than we deserve!  Today Kemmel and I worked in two different places and were still honored by someone buying our lunch.  Kemmel was working in the office and was visted by one of the brothers from Paxot II, bearing fried chicken from Pollo Campero so they could sit down and talk about some ABC business.  Nice!   I was at Clinica Caris doing pap smears and procedures and got invited to a birthday lunch for one of the neighbor kids who turned 2 years old today.  They brought me a whopping bowl of chicken soup, extra noodles and fresh tamalitos, and to top it off--a cold diet coke!  About 18 of us sat in the tiny kitchen with mismatched plates and cups enjoying the birthday meal. The birthday girl got her own bowl and cup as a present from Grandma--she was excited!
We are definitely blessed and have a lot to learn from our humble but generous neighbors.

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