Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finished Second Clinic at Caris

Today we finally had the time and opprutunity to finish the second dental clinic at Clinica Caris.  It was a good day as both Marcos and Sandra were available for the set-up as well as Maria, Martina, Mauri, Manuel and Josue.

Marcos proved to be a great dental technician as well to ensure all of the equipment was working properly and we got to use Josues skills in carpentry to do some touch up work, fix a few drawers, etc.

We recently purchased some used cabinetry, dental chairs, medical exam tables, dental equipment and dental instruments which allowed us to get things up and running.  We converted some wood medial exam tables into cabinets by replacing the bed padding with a counter-top which will be a huge help to us.

In clinic news, Ruben and team head out to San Jorge and Sheri and Gaspar to Xepol where they were able to do some house visist with some patients struggling with ilnesses. 

All in all a good day.  Ready for clinic today.

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