Saturday, May 19, 2012

Driving lessons

I'm in the truck riding in the passenger seat, teaching our youngest health promoter Josue how to drive a stick shift on a dirt road dotted with one-lane bridges and uphill stretches. He is doing pretty well, although I have to stop myself on occasion from yelling "watch out!" and "you're going to kill us!" and "Lord, help us!"  After crossing a washed-out part of the road with deep drop-offs on either side, he realizes he will have to quickly downshift to make the uphill climb that follows.  He throws it into first gear only to realize that he is in neutral and starts to roll backwards.  Thankfully, he is able to brake without stalling out and gets his first lesson on proper use of the emergency brake while gunning the engine and massaging the clutch.  After a few kilometers we reach the fork in the road, and  I reclaim the driver's seat to save us all from certain death on the upcoming perilious stretch.  I know on the inside he is disappointed until he sees the steep cliffs bordering the next two narrow bridges we come to.   I let him know he did great and we'll keep practicing... Lord, help us!

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