Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today was pap smear and procedure clinic day at Clinica Caris so I had our female students join me while the guys accompanied Sheri to mobile clinic in Chicua.  They did a great job with vital signs and assisting with the paps and EKGs and a cyst removal.  At lunch time, Kemmel came out after delivering some water filters to a ladies group of our neighbors here in Chichi, and he treated us all to carnitas and chicharrones-a real local treat.  These are pieces of moist pork meat and pork rinds rendered in a vat of grease until crispy on the outside.  Served with green onions and jalapenos and tortillas and washed down with India Quiche cream soda--delish!  We decided this was kind of a guy meal but agreed that it was still great. The girls also did a great job catching us up on pill counting--Josue was amazed how many they did while talking--hopefully the pill counts are correct.  :)

Pill counting professionals Kelsey, Aubry, Gabby and Anna hard at work.

Tomorrow we enjoy a day off.  The students get to come into Chichi for market and will meet up with Roger to see some of the local sights before heading back to their homes for lunch and church.
So far everyone is relatively healthy (no severe GI symptoms yet...).  I think their only concern is the language barrier.  I can see where this month is going to serve them well someday when they sit on missions committees.

"Now let's video Easton singing!"

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