Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just a few pictures from our MET interns.  On Monday we enjoyed some good old-fashioned American fellowship with burgers, cold bottled sodas, and chocolate chip cookies, and watched two movies together (We Bought a Zoo and Braveheart). Several even took advantage of the hot shower.

"Roughin' it"

I'm not sure how these two scored the recliners.  That's Kemmel in the kitchen whipping up a batch of Ahi Poke (a Hawaian raw, marinated tuna dish).
 Today it was back to work in clinics. I got to work with the Paxot group (Anna, Gabby and Kyle) and they did a great job with our patients, and we got to see some interesting cases as well.    The Mactzul team went to Patzite today and had a great clinic, including 5 dental patients for fillings using our new mobile equipment!  Tomorrow--"same thing, just a little bit different."
Kyle expertly checking Leonardo's temp.

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Sheri said...

Lisa and Kemmel, thank you for a wonderful lunch!