Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Contacts

     Our clinics have been up and down all month.  Some have had booming numbers and other just a trickle of patients, probably a reflection of both increases in GI bugs going around and visiting medical teams in the area.  We are also looking to add some new churches to our clinic ministry and have been making some good contacts.  Yesterday our team was invited to go visit and help host a clinic with the church in Chiul, about 2 hours from here.  It was a big day with lots of patients from the community and good collaboration from the church members.  Although it is pretty far, we would like to make regular visits there and help the church make new contacts for home visits and evangelism.  Kemmel took 4 of the MET students with them.  They were all well received and although thoroughly exausted at the end of the day, had great reports of the work. 
     Yesterday was also a day for Gaspar and Manuel to meet with the church in San Jorge to help iron out some interpersonal issues that have been brewing for several years.  The church had dropped so low in numbers that it had decided to close its doors.  But, recently there has been talk of reconciliation and renewed desire to worship and serve together.  So we pray that this will be just the start of a great work and that our clinic will be a tool for reaching new souls.
     Last but not least to report, we heard from the church in Mactzul V that one of the couples that came to clinic last week invited the elders to come talk to them more about Christianity and now are deciding to be baptized soon. What started as a medical consult quickly uncovered a void in their lives, and with the help of our volunteer elder that day, we began talking about the importance of our relationship with God.  What  music to our ears!  God is surely pleased.


Mo&We said...

How wonderful! Praise be to God!

Kate Williams said...

It has been great to see all of your MET pictures! I remember all of the places and people from my time there (7 years ago now!) with such fondness and love! everytime Kirby Sweitzer tells me he's going to Clinica Ezell I get very jealous! If you every stop at the panaderia in Chicacao, say hello to the Reanda-Puac family for me! May God continue to bless you work!

Kate Ziegler Williams