Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's been a while hasn't it?!  I guess we've been in a blogging slump lately.  The last month flew by as we hosted a mobile medical/dental team, went to the States for some family reunioning and then hosted a Men's Seminar and Children's Education Seminar.  Sometimes we get to going and doing and don't have the creative juices to blog.  But I think we are somewhat back on a regular schedule now (fiber cereal and your own coffee make a big difference)!

Today Kemmel and I are having an admin day, working on class materials for Sex Ed class that we are showing to the Volunteers class next week and getting bank deposits and accounting taken care of.  Our clinics have been good lately including some good work on the evangelism and church strenthening front.  But today, Sheri and Josue got half way to clinic and had to turn around due to a large nation-wide manifestation and road block over electricic services.  I bet the strikers are enjoying this rain that tropical storm Ernesto is bringing us! Well speaking of rain, I'd better get this posted or saved before the internet gets any weaker...

Thanks for tuning in from time to time!

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