Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As part of our education program for our ABC families and their churches, we are launching some new materials for teaching sex education at the different age groups.  This last week we presented the material to our ABC coordinators and volunteer promoters.  We started out the time asking how many of their parents talked to them about puberty or sex when they were growing up.  A whopping zero raised their hands, which confirmed our suspiciones.  They were a little squirmish talking about it at first, but began to open up and especially the older ones spoke up about needing these classes in the churches and parents not knowing how to talk to their kids. 
Unfortunately, these classes are already too late for two of our ABC girls who have dropped out due to pregnancy/marriage--both are 14 years old.  Sometimes we think we have made great strides in promoting education, when all of a sudden we are hit with the reality that in this country, education is still a luxury and that teen marriages (and to some extent, premarital sex) are just part of life even in the Christian community. 
We appreciate your prayers as we begin taking the classes to the churches.  There are still some concerns over whether all the churches will be receptive to the material, but we are eager to work on convincing them!  We pray that God uses us to help strenghen families and churches in the area.

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