Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cold Day, Warm Fellowship

Here in Guatemala, February is fraught with all kinds of unpredictable weather.  We are in the middle of dry season, but when February comes it can be rainy or windy or dry or a mixed bag.  Also, it seems like most of the earthquakes/tremors get fired up around this time.  Well, in January we are already getting some rain and cold, and last week we experienced several tremors.  Should be a fun month coming up!

Today we were invited out to lunch with one of our scholarship students and his family.  Fernando is starting high school, which is a big deal around here, but what makes it special is his mother is a widow, and would have no chance of sending him on without this scholarship.  We thought it was just a lunch, but it turned out to be a small gathering of people from the family and church to encourage him and present him with biblical advice as he begins his school year.  We each took turns reading from the Word wise counsel on working hard, staying faithful and being grateful to God for the blessings he gives us.  It was really touching to see this young man who lost his father at a young age, recieve fatherly advice from men in the church.  After the time in Word, we were served a huge meal of chicken soup and tamalitos before we headed to worship services.  As we headed out to church we got rained on a little and were kept alert through the sermon by the cold wind coming in the windows. But we were warmed by the genuine welcome we received from the church!

Checked marked as a great day!

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