Friday, January 20, 2012

It's good to be back at work again. We have some exciting changes coming up this year, and yesterday during our staff meeting we were able to lay out some of the plans.  We will have a new position open up this year, an evangelist that will be helping us encourage more follow up of patients and home visits in the communities. This also gives us the chance to try a clinic ministry in new areas with the help of local churches to do the follow up.  Gaspar Chan, our very first health promoter to work with us, will be filling this position.  We are excited because the church in Xepocol where he is an elder has been growing steadily and they have a great evangelistic spirit there.  So, we are now looking for a new health promoter to accompany us in clinics.  We have some good options in some of our volunteer promoters so be in prayer that God will bring on board someone who will share the same vision for ministry that Gaspar has had.

We are also in the process of looking for a new dentist and dental assistant.  This will greatly increase our opportunities to offer restorative care (fillings) rather than just extractions in our mobile clinics. We were blessed by a grant by the Caris Foundation to be able to add on to our Caris Clinic building. So we will have two dental operatories, two medical exam rooms and a space for dental cleanings, not to mention our added storage space--hallelujah! 
So, be in prayer for our changes and goals for 2012. May many people come to know Christ through this work.

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