Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  We are back after a great 2 weeks home in the States.  We got to see all of our family and were spoiled beyond what we deserve.  And the weather was just perfect the whole time--yea!  It is great to be back in our Guatemala home though, and we look forward to getting back to work.  Since we left in a hurry on Christmas Eve after a great week with our Eastside Church of Christ family, we have a bit of organizing to do.  Part of our living room still looks like a rental storage unit, and we brought medicine and other supplies back with us--but we're getting there little by little!
Tonight we will go have dinner with Sheri and catch up on each other's lives. 
I am working on getting some pictures up of the ABC program's year-end celebration that we hosted with Eastside--it was a blast, and the kids and families gave us some great feedback. 
So, for now we just want to wish everyone a blessed and fruitful 2012 and success in your resolutions and goals!

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