Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABC Celebation Day 1 and Eastside Church of Christ

Every year as part of the ABC Child sponsorship program we have a day of thanksgiving celebrating the accomplishments of the chidren and worshiping together as a large group - a very large group.  Last year we topped 800 people in one day and this year we were able to split it into 2 days topping 1000 people between the 2 days.

With the assistance of an excellent group of people from Eastside Church of Christ (our home church), this year we were able to plan something different and more focused on the children called the Resurrection Celebration.  The day consisted of congregation worshipping, participating in active dramas regarding the life, death and resurrection of Christ and many activities focused on living a christian life.  We had a great 2 days!  Here are some pictures from Day 1 and we will post more of day 2 later.

Enjoying riding in the back of the truck.  One of the little things we do not experience much in the US anymore, but always makes you feel like a free spirit.

People from about 4 communities.  The dramas were done in the balcony above the auditorium.   Ruben had the honors of getting everyone energized up.

Kelly, Violeta and Dany ready to start the dramas. 

Joe and Ruben as the centurions who crucified Christ explaining how Christ was sacrificed for us. 

Allen and Marcos speaking of the last supper and taking communion with the children with Martina translating into k'iche.

 Dany and Octave (yes he is that tall) speaking of how we are holy priests.

 Praying during communion.

Centurions and children hammering names to the cross. 

Mary Jo and older girl crafts and activities. 

 Waiting to enter for the dramas.
Jeff and the 8-10 year old boys. 

 Levi setting up the shields for protection with the younger boys.

 2nd Prize winners - clothing (each child can win prizes based on church participation, school grades and other responsibilities)

First prize winners - beds or dressers. 

Local men volunteers and coordinators of the ABC program from the local communities.  We normally have one per community, but each community has multiple men who want to be involved.

Great day, God was and is Good!

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