Sunday, February 20, 2011

Preventve Medicine

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, imagine what 5 gallons of it is worth. 

This week we (mostly Kemmel, Sheri Manuel, Tomas and Maui) started delivering 5-gallon Onil water filters to the ABC families.  Most people here in the rural areas boil their water to drink (using expensive firewood), and many (especially kids) drink directly from the tap as well.  The filters are produced by Helps International and are easy to use and maintain, filtering 99.99% of microbes with a replacement filter that last 1 year and can be replaced for $20.  It is  cost-effective ($50 for complete setup), appropriate technology giving rural families safe drinking water without having to rely on an expensive community projects that require government funding and group interest to maintain.  It even works when water projects are damaged, when families are required to draw water wherever they can find it.

Our teams visited 24 families over 2 days, delivering the filters and teaching them how to assemble, clean and maintain the filter.  It was a great opportunity to see the kids and their parents in their own homes (and share way too many refreshments!).

We want to thank those of you who have already given so generously to this project and also invite anyone who is interested, to contribute.  The cost of the filter is only $50 and eliminates the work and expense of boiling water or buying bottled water as well as the exposure to waterborne illness in the home.  We may just work ourselves out of a job!

Family of Jose Garcia Yacon and Paulina Yacon Ajanel - daughters Irma Manuela and Yesica Maria Garcia Yacon in the ABC program and younger daughter, Silvia.

Sheri, Tomas and Mauri in action on the Marroquin Family mountain - most families on this side of the mountain are Marroquin. 

We delivered 2 water filters to this home as 2 families live in the same compound (many families are like this one and share the same compound).  These were the families of the ABC children Tomas and Alexander Yacon Salvador and also the ABC children Evelyn Cecilia and Wendy Maria Yacon Calel (2 little girls pictured below).

Kemmel and Mauri in action with the family of ABC children Maria Elisa and Maynor Sebastian Yacon Pixcar both pictured with their mom Rosa.

Tomas and Juan and actually the rest of us.  This family had about 8-10 of decend upon their home as we had separated into 2 teams after finishing clinic and all came together for this house of ABC children Edwin Tomas, Maricela Tomasa and Silvia Juana Yacon Leon.

Our dental assistant Martina with her hiking shoes on! 

Some of the cute kids of the Yacon clan. The man with the hat in the picture above is the proud grandad - Sebastian Yacon.  From the bottom we have Maynor, Wilson, Evelyn, Maria Elisa and Wendy. 

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