Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Law and Order RCU (Rural Crimes Unit)--Season Primiere

Well, we haven't posted a "Law and Order" story yet this year, so here is the latest.
Yesterday we were returning from the Capital and had to stop about half way home because of a road block. We were about a mile from the scene.  Someone mentioned a protest and later we found out the "rest of the story".  Apparently in the town of Chupol, the police had arrested 3 men on Saturday for robbery.  Well, after a while they let them go.  The people captured them again and got a confession out of one of theives that they had bribed the police into letting them go.  As you can imagine, that didn't fly well with the law-abiding townsfolk.  So, they punished the thieves (lashes) and marched on over to the police station demanding answers.  They blocked the Interamerican highway in both directions for 3 hours and were bent on throwing out the police officers involved.  We aren't sure if they actually got results, but the newspaper reported that the people were threatening to burn down the police station if something wasn't done.  They finally opened the highway, and when we passed by, there were police trucks from several different regions for back up and a mob of people gathered at the police station and all along the highway.  We were glad to get on passed the ruckus and back home.  I'm sure this case will go up before the Interal Affairs Division. (Do they even have an Internal Affairs Department????)

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Glenn and Neva Berkey said...

We liked this and will continue to follow your blog and watch less L&W on TV. We hope the series continues with all happy endings.