Monday, February 7, 2011

Quinton and Ann Dickerson / Super Bowl / Video Recordings

Quinton and Ann Dickerson arrived yesterday to work with us in clinic for a couple of days.  We do not have a picture with them this time, but we have a great picture of Quinton from a few years back when we were scouting out the Chichi area.   Love the hat.

We went to church yesterday afternoon in Chichi and about halfway through the service we were surprised by a news / documentary group who started taking video of the service and who even came in and took some video from the front of of the church.  We do not think anyone knew what was going on but the members were gracious enough to let them continue.  Afterwards, one of the people in the group spoke with the leaders and some others to get permission to use the video in a documentary about religion in Latin America.  So be on the look out for some documentary with the Chichi church of Christ.

After service we had a good walk to the house and enjoyed some fresh fruit and fresh minestrone soup while also taking in some of the super bowl.  

Today Quinton and Ann are at clinica Caris and have special patient from Xejox that Quinton will examen.  The patient is an ABC child, Estela, who has a murmur so we wanted to see if we could some recomendations from Quinton.   

Pleae pray for Estela and please pray for clinics in the following communities this week - Xepocol, Patzite, Mactzul VI, La Palma, Clinica Caris, Choacman, Mactzul II and Chuchipaca.  Also please pray for the patients and the volunteers in Clinica Ezell during this weeks schedule of GYN and Plastic Surgery and the various days of travel everyone will have.

Here is picture of Lisa in her corte she wore to the conference in Paxot II a few weeks ago.  It reminds me of a story a missionary friend to Guatemala told us about what one of the local men said to him  " We always knew your wife was pretty, but now that she is wearing the local clothes, you better keep and eye on her." .. or something like that.  :)

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