Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clinic in Xepocol was mostly pediatrics with a sprinkling of internal medicine and orthopedics. Dr. Quinton Dickerson saw a patient that he suspected of having TB and ordered sputum tests at the health department. She agreed to go, which is good news.  One lady, a 92 year old from the church, fell and broke her wrist on Sunday and came in to get some pain medicine.  She walked in with her arm hanging down and guarded and swollen to the fingertips, wanting to know if she could just get by with going to the local bonesetter.  Dr. Dickerson and I splinted her with cardboard from a box of gloves and an ace wrap and talked to her and her two sons(both volunteers at our clinic), a daughter-in-law and a grandson, trying to convince them to take her to the emergency room for x-ray and casting (all the men folk were pretty skeptical).  People are so reluctant to go to the hospital sometimes, but we talked about the fact that it was her dominant arm, and that she would not have a functional wrist if it didn't heal well.  Of course the patients usually leave these decisions up to their family, and the family usually says they don't want to take them if they don't want to, and round and round.....  But I was really proud when her son came up to me after clinic slowed down and said he was leaving to take his mom to the hospital so she could get casted.  He wanted her to heal well.  Thank you Lord.
Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

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