Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Breaking It

Booger fruit!

Tis the season for spring break--hard to believe that some schools break in February! Our first team was from Pepperdine University and accompanied by Dr. Brian Cress, a pediatrition from Minnesota.  Despite the long days in clinic and especially delivering water filters to families, there were no complaints that we heard.  Kemmel and Sheri and our staff and visiting students were able to visit the families in two more ABC communities last week. Today we heard back from one of the coordinators from Mactzul VI and he reports hearing great comments from the families and overall thankfulness for the ABC program in their church.
Here are some pictures captured by the students during their visits in the communities.

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AuntieAimee said...

What the heck is booger fruit? Please tell me you didn't eat that!