Saturday, March 19, 2011

Off Into the Sunset

Our spring break adventure continued this week as we hosted a team from Harding University's and Abilene Christian University. It was a big group, but full of hard working, service-minded people.  The students were undergraduates as well as nursing, PA, and pharmacy students. Helping out were Rick Harper, Dr. Cynthia Powell the pre-med advisor from ACU, Gary Hill a PA and assistant clinical director of Harding's PA program, as well as veterans  Drs. Jim Haller and Jeff Webb our dentists from Abilene and Dr. Cristina Stokes an ER physician and her husband Jeff Stokes from Austin. 

Clinics went well with the students taking turns presenting patients and helping in consults; in addition, another group of students accompanied Kemmel and Sheri to deliver the rest of the water filters to Xepocol, Paxot II, and Mactzul I.  They were so efficient with the water filters that we ran out of jobs for them on the last day--but everyone pitched in and counted medicine and children's vitamins without complaining (and without sampling the vitamins!). 

Unfortunately, I have no no photos to share as we sent the camera out to get pictures of the ABC families with their filters.  But, I highly recommend Sheri's pictures of our week!

I got a real kick out of working with the students in consult, remembering back to my clinical training days. Our patients were so good to be "patient" with us as we took time to work through histories and physicals.  One of the ladies from the church in Paxot bragged to her husband that she had a very thorough work up! 

On Friday, Tomas headed out to visit with all of the families in Mactzul V who had water filters delivered about 3-4 weeks ago to do some follow-up to ensure all filters were working well and that the families were using correctly.  The report was that all of the families in Mactzul V were doing well with their filters and loving not having to boil water.  One dad said his 11 year old son is in charge of filter care and already has his calendar sent up for maintenance days!  Great work everyone!

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Adina said...

I love seeing examples of people working together for a common purpose with a good attitude. :) Thanks for sharing!