Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Class Act

Yesterday was our monthly class time for the volunteer health promoters and staff.  It was about the digestive system, touching on anatomy, physiology and common illnesses--we're tyring to build a good baseline knowledge of the body's different systems each month. One of the points that got some good discusion is that we have approximately 6 meters of small intestine.  Then we went on to wonder how many meters of small intestine (tripa) a cow has--they settled on 10-12 meters.  The guys from the Paxot II church have the most experience as they always kill a cow or two (and prepare the tripa) for their annual conferences.  We wrapped up the class meditating on the passage from I Corinthians 12 which talks about the different parts of the body all being necessary and important for the whole, and how likewise, each member in the church has an important role laid out by God.

Tomas and Juan demonstrating what 6 meters of gut would be.  Notice no one is seated in the shady section--it was pretty chilly yesterday.

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