Saturday, January 22, 2011

Updates and ABC Clinics

Well, we forgot to post where we would be this week, so we will post where we will be next week on Sunday.  We have been focusing on ABC check-up clinics this week in Macztul I and Mactzul V, while having clinics in other locations such as Chuchuca, Chuguexa and Panajxit.  For map lovers, here is a map that demonstrates where the clinics are.  We live in Chichicastenango and travel from there with the farthest clinic being 1.5-2 hours away which are the clinics on the far right of the map.

No news on the Nissan yet as we just have not had a chance to get to the mechanic.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

This is from the Conference in Paxot 2.  One of team members, Gaspar Chan, is the second from the left on the top row with his son Noe next to him.  Noe is in the ABC program and will graduate high school this year.

Another picture from Paxot 2.

This is a ABC family from Mactzul 1.  This young mom is a widow and lives with three other widows or single moms who also have young children. 

This is another family from Mactzul I.  This family has 12 children and as you can imagine they probably have not had many children finish elementary school, so ABC is allowing them some additional oppurtunities for their children.  The oldest child is probably in her late 20's.  Great family.

The group from the Mactzul I Church of Christ

Family from Mactzul 5 - Tomas Garcia Tecum (one of the health promoters with HTI) and his wife Juana and 6 kids.  They one older son as well.

This is the Ordonez Yacon family from Mactzul 5.  The father Sebastian (in the middle) is one of our volunteer health promotors and is on the Guatemalan board of HTI.  His oldest daughter finished high school and there are 2 more in high school now.

We had to include the picture of Chepe (Jose Yonatan).  Chepe is a new child with ABC in Mactzul V.  Chepe is learning disabled but says that he will go to school and will be starting kindergarten this year.

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