Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conference in Paxot 2

On Monday we attended a conference in the comunity of Paxot 2.  Conferences are big church parties/tent meetings which attract people from all over the area with guys dressed like normal and many women with their newer nicer clothes (we are the same everywhere).  Normally there are 3 or more conferences per year in the area, but right now many of the churches are building bigger facilities (to accomodate the conferences) so they have put them on hold for this year.  As a result, we think this made more people come to Paxot II than normally come. 

For those that have been to Paxot, the inside was packed with little moving-around room, and all of the outside--in front and on the sides was full of chairs and people.  It was great time to join up as brothers and sisters in Christ and worship together.  Although it's fun, we are always ready to go home at the end of the day.  It is actually a 2 day event with some people coming and going and some staying the night.  We would estimate that there were 1500 people or more on Monday with more there on Tuesday. 

Church of Paxot 2 - we took a picture during the conference, but on another camera, so come back in a day or so and see the after picture and the sea of people!

During the conference there were 20 baptisms!  One of which was Gabriel Quino Bernardo, who is the brother of Juan Quino and to some know as "Oscar".   In the picture he has his hand up ad is wearing a black sweatshirt.  Proud family!

We are enjoying a little cold front and rain, quite a treat during dusty dry season.  It was nice to head out on the dirt road  without dusting the pedestrians.  Clinics are going well this week!

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