Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Memory of Miguel Sucuqui Ordonez

Miguel is the man in the white shirt.  This was 1 year after our first visit with him in his home in Mactzul V.  This photo was at the ABC celebration in 2007 at Clinica Ezell.

His daughter, Josefina, was baptized this last year.

Last night we received a call that one of the brothers in Mactzul V had passed away.  Miguel came to know Christ through a home visit after coming to clinic 5 years ago.  At his first visit he was so sick, and close to death because of congestive heart failure and chronic lung disease.  We gave what little medicine we could to help him feel better, and prayed for him and asked if someone from the church could come check on him at home and pray for him.  The church had tried to share the Word with him and his family in the past, but had been ademantly rejected.  After the first home visit they asked to come back and pray with him and also offered to share the gospel, and he agreed to it.  He accepted the gospel and was baptized shortly after, but his family wasn't too interested. 

Over time his health improved somewhat, despite his serious diagnosis, and his family began to attend worship with him.  Later, his wife and several family members also accepted the gospel, and most recently, his teenaged daughter was baptized.  We are sad to lose this dear brother, but thankful that he new Christ and brought his family to Christ before he died.  And we are especially glad that God gave him these few years extra to be with his young children, and enjoy seeing them grow and excel in the ABC program.   We look forward to seeing him again in heaven in his resurrected and health body.

He will be remembered for his humble disposition and character, his smile and his hat.  :)

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