Monday, January 17, 2011

That's a Bummer!

We decided on Saturday after clinic in Chuchipaca to run some errands in the city as we needed a few things for the house and the office and there was a good movie worth seeing (our favorite past time).  So, after seeing the 10 patients in Chuchipaca we loaded up the Pathfinder and headed to the city.  All was good.

The mall now has lights in the parking lot indicating where there is an available parking place and even screens that tell you how many are available.  Pretty cool.

On the way back on Sunday the Pathfinder broke down!  Somewhere around half way home the car seemed to have started to loose power and then the engine stopped.  Thankfully we were able to pull off the side of the road before ending up in the middle of the highway with a stalled car.  When we stopped the engine was smoking.  It was not the radiator and we have oil, but it looked like it was smoking from around the engine block so we may have a blown head gasket.  We also thought maybe a burned out clutch disk, but not real sure yet. 

We do have insurance which came in real handy.  Our coverage includes having our vehicles towed.  So we called and about 1 hour or so later we were on the back of a tow truck headed for Chichi.  It was slow going but we finally made it about 8pm, about 2.5 hours later from when we left. 

We will see what happened today or later this week.  Bummer!

While we were pushing the car to get it off the road a little more a lady and her daughter walked up, having dropped their corn load and offered to help push, but we were already where we needed to be.  She stayed for awhile, talked and assured us the area was safe and we had nothing to worry about.  We were not worried but what a great gesture to make us feel we were safe.  We also had other passerbys who greeted us and told us the same.   Later our tow truck driver used to be a bus driver so it was interesting to get his perspective on the life of a bus driver.  This changes our perception of them as well.  He did confirm that the bus drivers in the Quiche area are the craziest drivers!

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