Friday, January 14, 2011

A Good Week

We asked for prayers for our specific clinics, and they have gone well.  We have hit the road running this month, working in our well-child check ups for the ABC kids, as we also attend to our normal clinics.  It's gone well, and the kids all seem to be growing.  Kemmel informed one group that they had the highest grades of all the churches--this at a church that 5 years ago discouraged families from sending their kids to school past 6th grade.  For the older kids, it's also a good time to start talking about the gospel.  One young man came in with just his dad, as his mom died several years ago.  He has finished 6th grade, but not sure if he will continue much longer as they need the income that this 14 year-old can bring in.  He did tell me that he had been baptized this year, and his dad was really proud of him.  We would like for him to get through junior high, but he has at least finished elementary, far surpassing the education that his parents received, and is a new Christian, faithful in the church--hardly a failure. 
In addition to well child checks we saw patients with diabetes, pregnancy, colds, indigestion, miscarriage, infertity, intestinal parasites, hypertensive crisis, bed wetting, alcoholism, ears plugged with wax, hernias, neumonia, warts, fractured wrist with mal-union, heart murmurs, acne, prostate trouble, gallbladder trouble, anxiety, a 26 year-old diabetic blind with cataracts, a 34 year-old with sudden blindness, a 37 year-old man depressed after his wife dying and leaving him with 6 children--the youngest of which he "gifted" to family....... Some of these things are easy to diagnose and treat; others require an educated guess and Hail Mary pass of prescribing and/or referring or placing our faith in the powerful but merciful God to heal.  But all of them are opportunities to show the love of God, offer some time in prayer to the Father, and share the Word that will offer hope in this life and the next. We are honored to be given this job, and thank you for keeping us in prayer.

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