Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slow clinics and New Clinic

This week has been a stream of slow clinics starting with Xepocol which only had one patient and Mactzul 6 with only 7.  Xepocol was the most surprising but not after hearing there were 2 deaths in the community and 1 death in a neighboring community.  How great to live in a community where most of the people respond in support of families who loose a loved one.   Other clinics like Patzite and La Palma were better with 2 of our first teeth cleanings in La Palma, very exciting.  Also, we had our first teeth cleaning in Panajxit last week. 

Today we started our first of many clinics with the church of Christ in Chichicastenango.  We have avoided starting clinics there in the past as it is a more urban area with other options; however, this was a church request as they are attempting to reach more people and have started a second outreach service.  Hard to say no to that idea.  So today Josefina, Sheri, Manuel and Tomas headed to Chichi and had a good first day with 17 patients and 2 teeth cleanings.  Excellent.

Also, this week we have made a solid attempt to start more programs in the way of prevention and education, so please pray that this will be successful and will bring more interest among the churches and the volunteers.  We will start slowly by teaching our promoters and volunteers one on one with patients during prayers and distribution of medicines. 

Church in Chichicastenango

Nothing to do with this blog but a great picture - Rural Guatemala Ice Cream 4 wheeler - someone's dream job

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