Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mactzul V - Before and After

Today I went out to Mactzul V and Mactzul III to visit with some of the brothers, see how they are doing on their church projects, and to check the situation of the running water in the homes.  My first stop was Mactzul V.  This is a church that 5 years ago had around 60 baptized members and has grown to over 120 baptized members and has over 50 families active in the church.  The entire community has around 130 families, so the church has reached over 40% of the families in the area.  Pretty incredible.  We have big churches in the US, but how many churches can claim more than 30% of the local neighboorhood attending the church. 

They pointed out another church in the community that has pretty much closed its doors which we are not too sad about, as the it was a church more concerned about required tithing than the spiritual development of its members. 

So as the church has grown, so must the building!  Here is a before picture:

And another:

This the status of the building now.

Here is a side view to better see the size.  This building is 27 meters by 18 meters.  3 or 4 of the old building would fit inside.

Of course the most exciting part is not the building but the growth and maturity of the church.  The church has raised Q250,000 (Q4000 each family which would be around 1/3 of a families yearly income) from it's own members to take on this project and have been saving for 2-3 years.  Now they are running out of funds which is a whole other situation, but they continue to find ways to keep pressing on and providing for the future of the church.

Please say a prayer today for the church in Mactzul V that they can continue to effect change and spiritual growth in their community.

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