Sunday, July 11, 2010

We just said goodbye to our visiting team from Arkansas, Alabama and North Carolina, and Texas.  It was very large team, and to be honest, we were a little worried about logistics.  But, after much prayer and pre-game planning (thanks, Kemmel and Rick!) we enjoyed a very productive and fun week.  I got to spend time with my friend from medical school, Dr. Lesca Hadley, who is now on our board of directors--she is such an encourager and fun to work with. There were also several young 'uns on the team, helping with construction/maintenance projects, and I we must admit that we were impressed with their mature behavior and great work ethic.  Our medical and dental clinics were very busy, but orderly, and we got home each night tired but satisfied.   The great thing we noticed this time was the increase in participation by the church members as we ministered in each town.  We had so many volunteers helping to translate, direct patient traffic, work on construction, and feed and serve us lunch.  We thank God for allowing us all to participate in such a rewarding work.

As seeing off this team, we hung around the hotel watching the World Cup Final while our new team from Donnelson Church of Christ in Tennessee arrived.  We were rooting for Holland over Spain (we are big underdog fans).  Although I must admit my ignorance to the fact that the Netherlands is a.k.a Holland, even though Holland really only refers to two of the many provinces in that country.  I had to do a little Googling to figure out who we were supporting! So, despite our team losing the final, I am now a little more geography-savvy.

Tomorrow we head out with our new team, to share some more of the great work that we have here.

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