Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last week we enjoyed a great visit from a team from the Donnelson Church of Christ in Tennessee.  They were a great group to work with, and included a medical/dental team as well as a construction team.  On the healthcare side, we were able to see our regular patients as well as check off some well-child exams for our ABC kids.  It was good to see all the children gaining weight approriately and most everyone passing their classes. 
Kemmel worked with the construction team each day getting some bathrooms put in for the church in Mactzul III.  We don't usually involve ourselves in construction, as it is not our forte, but this church has raised a lot of money on their own to build their first church building, and we had a team wanting to help out.  So, lets just say the construction team worked hard, sweated a lot, and got home late most days.  They were pretty worn out each night!  It was a good week, and we really appreciate not only those who came down to work, but also the church back home who helped finance the project, and who have been involved with HealthTalents. 

Saturday, we headed out to clinic in Chuchipaca. We really didn't expect to see anyone as we had been there the week before with the group, but we decided to stay on cycle so no one would be confused.  After seeing 9 patients, we pack up our equipment and construction scaffolding we left the week before,  and got back early enough to make it to the capital before nightfall.  We enjoyed a weekend of togetherness, laziness and movies and good food.  Monday, we went to pay my medical license, which turned out to be quite easy.  So I am legal for another year--whew!

This week, back to regularly scheduled programming.

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