Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Favorite people

Yesterday in Xepocol, we were sitting around waiting for patients to arrive (we were the back burner event to the Government subsidy delivery and the big party down the hill).  Finally people started to roll in, including one of my favorite sisters in the church there.  Micaela is 90 years old and has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are christians in the same church.  Her blood pressure was up after running out of meds--making her a little dizzy, but her blood sugar was close to normal, which is great.  Her son asked me in a loud voice, "She's not supposed to drink cokes, right?"  So I affirmed that and congratulated her on watching her diet.  I am always a little reluctant to put a 90 year old active person on too much medicine, so I kept her on the blood pressure meds and gave her vitamins and acetaminophen for her varicose vein pain.  I told her if she keeps the diet under control, we won't have to use diabetic meds.  She patted me on the chest and thanked me and asked God to bless me.  When you meet her in heaven you'll like her too!
Micaela Salvador and her son Juan Chan Salvador

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