Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Week

We started this last week by heading to the capital on Saturday to pick up Dr. Rick Alvillar and Kaitlyn Belyeou. We took advantage of the time and enjoyed our favorite Sushi meal at a small restaurant in Zone 10 - we still do not know if it has a name, but you must get there before 1pm and the crowd. We also stopped to buy some things we cannot find in Chichi such as Sharp Cheddar Cheese. We probably pay more than we should but worth it for a good cheese crisp!

Ric has been down to Guatemala a few times now helping us host clinics for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. He helped us with patients during both of our central clinics and was able to go on one mobile clinic and visit a lady in her home. One mobile clinic was cancelled due to highway problems. Thanks Ric and Kaitlyn!

On Monday we headed to Panajachel with the current MET team and enjoyed some time around the lake. We sent them to the hot springs which were more of a cold spring, but they reportedly still had fun. Here is a picture of the first group and also a picture of us above the lake at the hang gliding and paragliding take off cliff - no, not an approved MET nor missionary acitivty.

This is Jay (Mash), Michelle, Amy, Garrett (Carlos), Kate, and Andrea.

On Wednesday, luck had it that a clinic was cancelled due to highway problems, so the good news was Lisa could travel to Xela with the MET team and Kemmel to do the exchange. We could not go out through the normal highway so we back tracked through the mountains to Totonicapan, picking up a couple of men along the way in case we got stuck. News to us but it is now paved a good portion of the way to Totonicapan. We enjoyed lunch at Wendy's and then turned around and headed back with the next MET team.

Pat Hile arrived on Wednesday and we started the men's leadership seminar in Paxot 2. The topic of discussion was a book called "The Story" which is a overview of the central theme of the Bible. We had over 30 men in attendance which was a pleasant surpise with all of the problems we have had around here in the past week. We even had 3 brothers come for the northern reaches of the Zacualpa area from Xejox and Chuchuca. We still had no water at the church but we were able to contract a water truck to come fill the pila at the church. Thankfully they have a very large pila which acted as a cistern.

Here are pictures of the men and also, the women who served in cooking the meals. Most of the women serving this week were also MET moms, so the students had some if not all of their meals at the seminar.

Friday was our adventure day as we went to clinic in Xejox and had some excitement with getting a truck unstuck as it veered off the road and off an embankment just above the main highway. People were jumping out of the truck, but we had some great help and were able to get the truck on the road with no problems or dents :).

This is the second MET Team here in Chichi - Caleb, Carrie, Amanda, Nate, Sara and Andrea, enjoying time on the hammock after feasting on hot dogs and peanut butter cookies at the gringo house yesterday, Monday. Sorry team 1 as we were not able to have you all over.

We also had a visit from Juan and Aura and Juan's mom, Manuela. Good times....

Here is Caleb hoovering over our visitors.

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Mo&We said...

We are always glad to read about your goings on; glad to read that you are getting along well following the flood mess. Great pictures. Love, Mama