Monday, June 28, 2010

We wrapped up our time with our MET interns over the weekend, enjoying a great time in Antigua Guatemala.  It was good to the the other students that had spent the last half of the trip down on the coast at Clinica Ezell.  Everyone seemed so glad to see each other and compare stories.  Kemmel and I enjoyed a great tour of Antigua and some general vegging out. 

Wow, this crew cleans up nice!
(l-r Lisa, Kemmel, Michelle, Andrea, Caleb, Amanda, Jay, Garrett, Nate
Carrie, Sarah, Amy, Kate and Andrea)

We just have to say that we were blessed a very mature group of students this year.  We usually do have great students, but this year presented some especially difficult challenges (mudslides, lack of water in the homes, very infrequent bathing and laundering, bug issues and GI parasites), and everyone rose to the occasion and remained flexible and good natured.  All of you parents out there should be proud!  We try not to make this into an initiation-style camp for future missionaries, but there are definitely some out-of-your-comfort-zone moments.  We were impressed by their Godly attitudes and humble acceptance of the stituations. 
This week we get back to regularly scheduled clinics and make preparations for our visiting teams in July. 

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