Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MET - Group 2

We have had the second group of MET interns with us for close to 2 weeks now. We started thier visit here with some exciting and scary 4x4 trouble in our travels up to Xejox. This areas normally provides for some road excitement. We tried to go up a hill to the church (which we probably should not have) and since we did not make it had to back down slipping and sliding. Here is the result. :) Gracias a Dios we got out ok with no one hurt and no trucks damaged. We finished the day with a good clinic in Xejox. We actually had 20 people show for teeth cleanings, but unfortunately we did not have our dental promoters with us as one was in another clinic and the other in a leadership seminar. So we are scheduling another day with 2 dental promoters and offering a discount of Q5 since we were at fault for not having them with us.

We ended up piling rocks under the back tires and backed down while trying to hold the truck steady and not rolling.

While in Choacaman the interns learned some more about patient exam and use of the otoscope. We had no diabetes patients in Choacaman which could be good news, maybe they are learning from the education.

We also enjoyed some time with a group from Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. This is Dr. Luis
Cisneros. He was with the group from Oak Hills and he is from Peru, so we had some Peru moments since I was born there.

Pat Hile came with the Oak Hills group and spent the week before hosting a leadership seminar in Paxot 2. Here Pat is preaching in Xepocol in K'iche.

Pat's wife, Carol, was able to join him this year. This is her picture with Juana, the wife of Gaspar, one of our health promoters.

MET group 2 at Lake Atitlan. We did our Monday trip with this group to Lake Atitlan yesterday. They were not interested in swimming so we headed out to Lomas de Tzununa for lunch. Lomas is a great hotel with some of the best views around the lake - http://www.lomasdetzununa.com/ . If you are ever looking for a relaxing, beautiful place to stay at the lake, this is it.

Missionary dreamin! We could live here! This is a house off the point at Tzununa, not bad living.

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