Sunday, January 31, 2010

Local News

One of the great perks of this job is you get to hear about all the local happenings--the good the bad and the ugly. As you can imagine, a lot of the stories are spiced up through the rumor mill before they get to us, but it's quite entertaining. We start out our day with a 30-60 minute car ride every morning and catch everyone up on the latest scoop. Then at lunch we compare stories with the volunteer promoters at clinics. It's kind of like reading the Nocona News complete with social columns, police blotter and special segments on small town achievements.
Here's a sampling of last week's news.

Sting-y Church Member Gets Taste of God's Wrath
In Mactzul V during a church meeting to discuss the upcoming construction of their new church building, the members began pledge their personal funding committments to the work. As they went around the room, each family would anounce how much they planned to give over the next year. They came to one brother (quite wealthy in livestock) who said he felt like nobody should be compelled to give, and that he was not going to do it. The church elders said that was fine, and that it was a free-will offering outside of normal giving. A few days later, a call for help came from the man and his family after they and their livestock had been severely attacked by a colmena--a swarm of honey bees! Two of their bulls had been killed and the whole family was suffering from the stings. Several of the church leaders ran over to help them and took up a collection of Q500 to help pay for their medicine. They family was humbled and ashamed of their prior behavior and immediately asked for forgiveness and offered money to the building fund.

Police (or rather, Posse) Blotter
A teenaged girl from the town of Chijtinnimit was kidnapped and left in one of the area garbage dumps one night, arousing fear in that town and surrounding communities. Shortly after midnight, townspeople gathered to decide what to do. The girl was found alive and after further questioning, it was discovered that she had been running around with a man--who was already married. It is hypothesized that the spurned wife ordered the kidnapping. Plans are being made to sort out the trouble between the two families.

Plans for Teachers' Protest Rally Strike Out
Friday morning was kicked off by an early-morning call from our physician Dr. Lux who was planning to travel to Clinica Ezell that day. There were reports of a teachers' strike on the first day of school--all of the main crossroads in the country were to be blocked in an effort to get their concerns addressed by the government. Among the complaints are the job cuts for thousand of teachers despite growing school censuses and lack of teachers in many communities. As the morning progressed no signs of traffic blockade were seen. Rumors of late-morning initiation began to fly--citing first-day-of-school duties to attend to. The day's activites went smoothly with no stops in traffic, or rioting. Local papers the following day showed photos of a few lonely maninfesters on the palace steps. Maybe they are afraid to loose their jobs too.


Anna said...

LOL! Those are great... that's like 3 episodes of Law & Order: GU

AuntieAimee said...

Wow - such drama in Guatemala! Who knew?

Mo&We said...

That reminded me of what a wise man once wrote: "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun(Ecc 1:9."

We miss you and hope you are both doing well. Love, Mama