Monday, January 18, 2010

Week in Review

Our week was a good one with a surprise visit from one of our friends from our church in Colorado Springs. They flew into the airstrip in Santa Cruz and Kemmel went to pick them up to bring them out to clinic with us. Pat is a pilot for a private corporation and he and his group were here in Guatemala visiting different minsitries and evaluating how they can help out. It was a great visit even if it was brief.
Clinics were busy with ABC kids getting their checkups in Mactzul VI and Xepocol. After clinic in Xepocol, I was asked to go see a lady who had been beat up by her sister-in-law the night before. This lady has been studying the bible with Gaspar and Juana and has been talking about wanting to be baptized. Although they belonged to another church in town, they had not studied the Word before and wanted to know more. When their other church found out (including her sister-in-law) there was a lot of upset people gossiping about them. But she was determined to learn more about God. She told me that she had come to clinic one day very sick, and had trusted God to heal her after we prayed for her. He did heal her and she had been faithfully searching ever since. We were worried that the attack would set her back, but after examining her and leaving some medicines for the bruises, she said she was more determined to become a Christian; her husband also decided to accept Christ and they are planning to be baptized soon. Pray for Jose and Marta and also for their family that God will continue working in their lives and bring peace unity in the Spirit.

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