Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fresh Start and Update on the Water Feud

Today was our first day of work (we work Tuesday-Saturday) and headed up to the high country to Chutzerob. Now, it's normally a little cooler there as it's at around 8000 feet, but today it was just plain cold. We shivered around until we got the patients seen and then headed over to the church kitchen building to sit around the fire and drink coffee and chat. It was good to see everyone and catch up on family news. We made a home visit ("just up the hill") about 15 minutes straight up the hill. The lady seems to have an abdominal mass and has the look of cancer about her, but everything started with a febrile illness last month, so maybe something infectious. We prayed with her and the family and left some medications and orders for ultrasound. It was good to get back into this work.
While driving, we asked Gaspar what the news was on the water fued. (See Law and Order Segment) He said the young men involved paid the fine and the offended party allowed them to come and repair the water main--losing only 3 days of water. I said the man must have had compassion on them, and he said, " no, not really. He got his money, and that was all he wanted." Well, not exactly love thy neighbor, but better than all out revenge against the whole town.

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Mo&We said...

It's good to once again read about your work in Guatemala, though I wish you were here again instead of there. I ask God to bless you as you serve Him. So glad to know they settled the "water feud." Love, Mama