Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We started our weekend yesterday having lunch at some friends' house. Ana Maria and Jose Xirum are members at the church in Xepocol. Ana Maria obtained her high school career on a scholarship from Health Talents last year and wanted to show her appreciation. So she had us and Gaspar and Juana over for Sunday lunch and then we headed to services together. It was a good Sunday afternoon.

This morning we lazed around a little and had breakfast before heading up to town for our market run. Before we left the house we felt a pretty big earthquake that didn't last too long, thankfully. Things looked pretty quiet around Chichi. Broccoli is cheap at about $0.40 a head, cabbages super cheap at $0.30 each (bigger than my head) and tomatoes are expensive at $0.70 a pound. Chicken was pretty high too at $1.60 a pound for breast meat without wings. But, despite the rise in prices, it's still quite a bit less than the grocery store prices in the city. Don't get me wrong; I like (love) strolling up and down the aisles of the grocery stores, but really enjoy scouting out the best price in market and stopping by my favorite vegetable stands or even buying my avocados and from the poorest-looking old woman I can find.

After market, we hit the yard work which had been saving itself up for us since our trip to the States. Kemmel really transformed the yard into quite the park. I moved some flowers around and transplanted some poinsettias. After cleaning up we enjoyed a fish taco feast for lunch/supper. Now we are just enjoying a little internet and Cold Case Files re-runs. Tomorrow I head to clinic and Kemmel and Manuel go to deliver some smokeless stoves.


Anna said...

Nice yard... you guys are quite the horticulturalists (is that a word?)

Mo&We said...

How beautiful! I can't wait for spring. Love, Mama