Friday, February 5, 2010

Looks like our brief stint of winter-like weather is over. We are enjoying cool but not cold nights and very warm dry days. The night skies are brilliantly clear with so many stars. Very nice!

Work is going well, with clinics picking up. School is back in session and it seems like the number of students has increased this year. The kids getting scholarships through Health Talents are all excited and ready to start the year. One of our co-workers is starting her acounting degree at the University in nearby Santa Cruz through their weekend program. One of our other coworkers is also attending weekend adult education classes to finish her junior high and then high school diploma. We are so proud of them and pray that God guides them in their studies.

As a team we enjoyed a day of education on Monday from Mikal Frasier and Linda Henry who presented counseling approaches with people who have suffered various forms of abuse and relationship failures. We have so many encounters with patients every day and recognize a lot of these problems in our patients. So we were all greatful to receive such good advice.

Tomorrow is pap smear day--good times! Then we get ready to go down to Clinica Ezell to enjoy visiting with the surgical team. Be praying for all of our patients but especially our babies going down for cleft lip and palate surgery.

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