Thursday, February 11, 2010

While most of the U.S.A. was being pounded by winter storms, we endured hot steamy weather down at Clinica Ezell, only relieved at night when the rain came pouring down. We went down to visit with some friends on the visiting surgical team and pick up supplies for our clinic. Sheri went down with a van full of babies and their families who were scheduled for cleft lip or palate surgery; she has some great pictures of the week.

We got up early Wednesday and headed back to Chichi for clinic. We were sure glad to get back to the dry "heat" of the mountains--a balmy 75 degrees. Today was busy but good. I saw a 4 year old with previously-undiagnosed congenital heart disease who is beginning to get symptomatic. Thankfully the parents seemed concerned and agreed to take him to the capital.

Tomorrow we hit the trails again for clinic in Choacaman. Should be a good day!

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