Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Some Work Done

While I love working mobile clinic, there is something very soothing and refreshing in having Admin Day. Today I was able to organize some of my thoughts for our education days for our volunteers and regular staff. It is so easy to let yourself get behind in lesson planning and reviewing materials--before you know it, there is a class looming ahead. So, today I buckled down and did the deed. Now I have some direction for the coming months' classes.

Yesterday we had a class on preventive health with good participation from everyone. We learned about which diseases can be prevented and how, and ways to prevent complications once someone has contracted an illness. We also had one of the ABC communities in for their dental check-up. Here's some good pictures. And Sheri got some more on her site

"Brush your teeth.....round and round..."

" small.....gums and all......"

Ready for their seatwork.

Sheri's not too sure about some of those answers!

Hmmmm..... "Secondary Prevention".......Hmmmmmm.......

The great thing about bringing all of our volunteers together is how they get to share ideas and news. We have some special discipling books we have to give to newly baptized christians and were asking if anyone needed any. From the 10 churches represented yesterday (only half of our communities) there was a need for 27 books for new christians. And that is jus for 2010! We chatted with one of the brothers from Mactzul Sexto who said last year they only had 14 added to the church, but this year they gave themselves a goal of 25. So far they have 5. They have two personal evangelism teams who are dedicated to sharing the gospel in home studies. Sounds like a good start.

This weekend we welcome the first of three Spring Break Teams (Pepperdine, Harding and Abilene Christian Universities) to come work with us in the clinics. It will be fast and furious, but also uplifting to be around energetic young Christians interested in foreign missions.

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