Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Productive Day

We started out with a really slow day at Clinica Caris today. It is my once-a-month pap smear and procedure clinic and obviously no one was interested in preventive health today. All week we have had low turn outs and we are attributing it to the upcoming Holy Week. It is a big holiday for most people and a time of the year to take off with the family and find a lake or beach or even a small waterfall to enjoy. Also, a lot of people have the tradition of making, or contracting with the local baker to make a special semana santa bread (think pound cake trying to make itself into biscotti) to gift to friends and family. It is kind of funny, because you just go around exchanging bread and eating bread for about 2-3 weeks. And everyone claims that theirs is the good kind and will keep for several weeks.

Anyway, since we were not busy, we started inventorying the pharmacy and organizing. Early in the afternoon we got a call from the Health Department that they were coming to do our inspection for our certificate for our clinic license. We hopped-to it and tied up loose ends while waiting for them( tossing expired meds, cleaning bathrooms, making sure all hazardous waste bags were where they are supposed to be). When they arrived, they checked the dental clinic, our bathroom, asked if we had a septic tank, and asked for our hazardous waste removal contract and left. They especially liked the cute hanging stuffed animals in the dental clinic. We were completely surprised, because we have a copy of the report they have to fill our on our facility, and it's extensive. But, Short and Sweet is much better than the Spanish Inquisition-style meeting we were expecting. If we get the certificate from them tomorrow, we can turn in our license paperwork in the city this Friday. God is good to us!

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Mo&We said...

Hope you get your license w/o any problem; what a difference there and here. God is good to you, and we continue to pray for his care on your behalf. Have a great weekend. Love, Mama