Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chile via San Jose, Costa Rica and Lima, Peru

After a long day of travel yesterday, we arrived in Chile about 2:30am and made it to the hotel we will be staying without any problems. We passed through San Jose and Lima on the way. I (Kemmel) was born in Peru, so it was exciting to step foot on Peruvian ground again after over 35 years of never returning since our family left when I was 5. We only had a short layover, but enjoyed some Peruvian Cehiche and Palta (avocado) - excellent. If you have never tried Peruvian Ceviche, you need to add it to you list.

We are happy to here in Chile and to be able to spend this time with my dad and our extended family here in Chile. The one bad thing about Chile (and the Chileans would say the bad thing about the US) is the fee you must pay for a visa. In Chile, they have a visa fee which is called a Reciprocity Fee - meaning since your country charges it, so will we, so there! Anyway, we entered the country with no problem after paying our $260 for both visas. Ouch, but we con only pray it is put to good use. :)

We will be staying at the same place that my dad stays at which is only around $20 per night which is nice on the budget, is clean and has hot water and wireless internet. What else do you need.....

His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so please be praying for a good day of rest today and a good outcome tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

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