Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being (a) Patient

Kemmel's dad is doing great after his surgery, and we want to thank everyone for your prayers. It was a really long procedure that started at 1:00 pm and finished up at 9:00pm. We were told at 7:00 last night that all was good and that he would be taken to his room in the intensive care in half an hour, so we all left. Then come to find out that they were still working and ended up tweaking things for two more hours. But, we saw him today and he is his same old feisty self. He is confined to bed until tomorrow, but at least he is getting to eat. Today he was squirming around in the hospital bed trying to get comfortable, unable to sleep and no t.v. to occupy time, and asking for a hamburger or Taco Bell. It's hard to be a patient patient! The doctor says he may let him out tomorrow if he can stay in a hotel close by until Thursday. Thanks to the Lord for the good outcome!
Meanwhile we have checked out a few sights around town--today, the fish market where we ate great seafood for lunch (Bob was jealous!) and walked for a couple of hours around downtown before heading back to the hospital.
Here's some photos of the last couple of days. Thanks for keeping up with us.
Bob with his game face on, before surgery.
Mmm, Mmm good! Hospital food! Not quite Taco Bell. We will treat him to something good when he flies the coop.

Us at the top of Santa Lucia hill with Santiago in the background.

Santiago de Chile

Cool castle-fortress building on the top of Santa Lucia Hill in downtown Santiago.

Donde Agusto's Restaurant in the Mercado Central--good food but a little pricey for eating in a fish market.

Hot and heavy chess games in the park at Plaza Las Armas

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Mo&We said...

Mo and I are so glad Bob is getting better each day. The pictures are great, though that dish of food looked not too appetizing. Have fun. Love, Mama